Leam Terrace Jubilee Street Party 2012

Our first event, a street party on Monday 4th June 2012 for the Queens 60th Jubilee.  A merry band of local residents successfully closed the street, set up trestle tables and invited the community to share in the party.  It was a magnificent success, which also included the best day of weather of the whole weekend.  The tombola ran out within two hours! Victoria sponge cakes were baked and judged, as were the fancy dressers. Eggs and spoons were run up and down the street by all ages.  A 100 balloons were released into the skies, many of which were tracked in a straight line from Leamington to Hastings, and amazingly later in the summer on was found in Italy.  Over £400 were raised for Myton Hopsice.

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